Sewer Treatment Plant

The proper management, reuse and removal of sludge are one of the most serious issues facing sewer treatment plants today in India. Nearly all wastewater or sewer treatment plant operators face the problem of storing and disposing bio-solids present in sewer; generated by home or commercial premises. However, Green technology such as ZeoSTP (Zero Energy Operation Sewer Treatment Plant) provides long-term storage and volume reduction of sludge to overcome these concerns. Widely used throughout world like Australia, Asia, Europe and in many locations in the United States. As established Indian market leader, we offer a diverse range of innovative and 100% compliant wastewater treatment solutions for domestic, commercial buildings like homes, hotel, school etc. We give you relevant advice and support throughout the wastewater treatment installation process based on our in-depth knowledge and expertise. ZeoSTP (Zero Energy Operation Sewer Treatment Plant) features low construction costs and minimal operation and maintenance costs compare to conventional systems. ZeoSTPs are easy to install, provide good quality effluent, aesthetically pleasing and environment friendly, significantly improves discharge after a treatment making it kinder for environment and treated water can be reused for irrigation purpose or toilet re-flushing. ZeoSTP reduces water content, minimizes solids, and provides sufficient storage time to stabilize biomass prior to disposal. ZeoSTPs are Energy free treatment plant, don’t need electricity, no machine like aerators, compressors, pump or operator and have some other great advantages, like no operating cost and being silent.

The ZeoSTP is abbreviation of Zero Energy Operation Sewer Treatment Plant. As the name suggest this System does not need any operational cost, no need of any kind of chemicals, manpower or machinery, it’s an maintenance free sewer treatment system that doesn’t need power or electricity. ZeoSTP is fundamentally a sealed cement chamber of required size that is lined with an impermeable membrane, filled with media; planted with macrophysics such as reeds and rushes. Wastewater whether black or grey passes through the root zone of the reeds where it undergoes treatment via physical, chemical and biological interactions between the wastewater, plants, micro-organisms, gravel and atmosphere. Inlet and outlet pipes are positioned in such a fashion below the gravel surface, so that the water always remains below the root zone are, thus minimizing the risk of human exposure to the wastewater, mosquito breeding and unpleasant odors.

Wastewater from bathroom, kitchen and toilets enter into a SeptiPure BioFurnace, an advance Readymade Septic Tank designed by us for primary treatment to remove large solids, grease and oils. Anaerobically treated effluent from the SeptiPure BioFurnace passes through distribution pipe, and then flows into the ZeoSTP for secondary treatment. Inside ZeoSTP wastewater undergoes a complex series of natural treatment processes without chemical dosing as it moves laterally by gravity flow through root zone from one end to other side. In ZeoSTP plants give away small amount of oxygen out through their roots, creating aerobic environment without aeration device hence no electric power is needed. This mix of aerobic and anaerobic conditions creates an ideal environment for the growth of micro-organisms on the surface of the gravel and plant roots. These micro-organisms are largely responsible for the pollutant removal that occurs in ZeoSTP, as they feed on and breakdown organic matter and nutrients, and compete against pathogenic organisms. Earthworms have also been found to inhabit ZeoSTP and assist with the breakdown of organic matter and solids. ZeoSTPs are generally designed to detain the wastewater for a period of minimum 5 days in order to allow sufficient time for the settling and filtering of suspended solids, breakdown of organic matter, binding of some contaminants onto the gravel, and removal of nutrients by plants and micro-organisms. ZeoSTP is based on Fit and forget technology, No need of any maintenance. We are expanding our operation out of Dehradun and have plans to provide We are installing Sewage Treatment plant in Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad etc. More Details ...