Rain Water Harvesting Blog

Rainwater harvesting is a technique of collection, ground water recharge and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks. Method is used for infiltration of surface water into subsurface aquifers before it is lost. One method of rainwater harvesting is rooftop harvesting in domestic or commercial buildings. With rooftop harvesting, most any surface tiles, metal sheets, plastics, but not grass or palm leaf can be used to intercept the flow of rainwater and provide a household with high-quality drinking water and year-round storage. Other uses include water for gardens, livestock, and irrigation, etc. Rain water Harvesting should be mandatory for house owners and other types of buildings to retain, recharge and reuse In India. Tamil Nadu is the first Indian state to make rainwater harvesting mandatory. The harvested water can also be used as drinking water, longer-term storage and for other purposes such as groundwater recharge.

Even in periods of low rainfall, enough water is collected in order for crops to grow. Water can be collected from roofs, dams, and ponds can be constructed in order to hold large quantities of rainwater so that even on days where there is little to no rainfall, there is enough available to irrigate crops. Rainwater harvesting provides an independent water supply during regional water restrictions and in developed countries is often used to supplement the main supply. More development and knowledge is required to understand the benefits rainwater harvesting can provide to agriculture. Many countries especially those with an arid environment use rainwater harvesting as a cheap and reliable source of clean water. To enhance irrigation in arid environments, ridges of soil are constructed in order to trap and prevent rainwater from running down hills and slopes. Rainwater harvesting provides benefit by reducing the need for clean water.

We design simple yet effective Rainwater harvesting systems in Dehradun with minimal skills to automated systems that require advanced setup and installation. Our Systems are ideally sized to meet the water demand throughout the dry season since these are big enough to support daily water consumption. We design and construct water storage tank as per customer need to store rain water. For rainwater harvesting systems we use latest and simple methods to capture rainwater from rooftop, surface water or any other catchment areas. Before a rainwater harvesting system is built, it's helpful to call an expert like us for proper construction activities. If you need to estimate how much water is needed to fulfill a community's water needs our expert team may help. We can save time and money and build a project for long time use.

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